I know, gasp!  Two posts in less than 24 hours!  I must be procrastinating!

Well, in all seriousness, I’m not.  Shocker, right?  I’m actually taking breaks between intense writing sessions, and I know that taking a nap would lead to me falling 100% asleep for 6-8 hours.

I’ve been tracking my progress through a series of status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.  Twitter is better for this sort of thing, as [insert number here] only takes a handful of characters.  My word count over the past 36 hours has skyrocketed from about 9,500 to the current 12, 281, and I really don’t feel like updating my friends on every single step of my dissertation.  My followers and follow-ees (???) are mostly graduate students and other medieval institutions, so I feel like I can vent to the Twitterverse more readily as most of my “circle” are very familiar with the pain of things like #writeordie and #dissertation #roughdraft #writing.  I’ve pulled some insane all-nighters when writing up, but this time it’s painful.  Or, as my friend @NiFhuada has put it (in person!  Hooray for actual socializing once in a while!), “We’re in hell right now.”  Succinct.  Concise.  Brutally honest.  TRUE.

Anyway, in my writing up endeavors, seeing the Tumblr, WordPress, and linked-up posts has gotten me through.  There are people out there who have survived this and are voluntarily going through at least a second degree’s worth of “hell.”  (I must remember this, as I, too, will be joining them during my PhD at York in October…)  I thought I would share some of the more clever Twitter usernames (with the real or assumed-real names and taglines beside them) I’ve found in my quest for social media support.

  • @JediPhD, Jedi In Training, Chronicling the uncanny similarities between Star Wars and doctoral studies.
  • @GradnessMadness, Gradness Madness, A blog about staying sane in graduate school! Check it out at http://gradnessmadness.tumblr.com/.  (A blog which is wonderful.  Spot-on short posts and pictures.  Ohsogood.)
  • @thesiswhisperer, Dr Inger Mewburn, Research Fellow @RMIT University. Does research on research ( yes – really), writes for and edits the Thesis Whisperer blog and thinks about stuff.  (The article “How to Write 1,000 Words a Day and Not Go Batshit Crazy” has been my day-to-day Bible and is ohsogood.)
  • @WorstProfEver, Amanda Krauss, Taught. Published. Ran.
  • @ImAGradStudent, Grad Student, I’m a grad student! =(  (Clever due to its obvious nature and reference to The Simpsons.  If you aren’t familiar, watch the clip here.)
  • @ProfSnarky, Professor Snarky, Professor dispensing advice, tough love, and sarcasm from the other side of the podium to my wonderful college students.
  • @grumpyhistorian, Grumpy Historian, Most historians are grumpy.
  • @Mythosopher, Nick Harper, 2L @IowaLawSchool, Ancient Mythology & Cultures Enthusiast, @Gustavus Grad, Casual Philosopher. Tweets my own opinion only.  (Also a close college friend.  His Twitter username was inspired by his poli sci thesis which touched on his love of classical mythology.  Clever boy…)
  • @literarychica, Liana Silva, Dissertator, first-time parent, Managing Editor @soundingoutblog & Writing Specialist. One day I’ll write for The New Yorker. Meanwhile, I play with hashtags.  (Outstanding also for her combined interests of Latino American culture and literature and pure wit.)

Now I’ll go back to my 12-hours-plus #writeordie session and add to that 12,281 words of my #gradschool #dissertation #roughdraft.