I’ve learned a few things in the past few weeks during this life overhaul.

can do this.  I don’t really miss fun things to eat like candy.  This may change, but for the moment regret is stronger than the lure of the Reece’s Pieces in the workroom or the yummy Belvita breakfast bars (technically not a “bad” food, but calorific).

Cooking takes a lot longer.  I’m doing grilled chicken and it takes a while to prepare on the stove.  I do make sure to do more than just one day’s worth, but I’m not used to slaving over a stove.  I’m much more of a “whack it in the oven” kind of girl.  

And the grocery shopping.  Yikes!  About 2-3 times a week I go get produce and other groceries.  Finding the best deal on packages of vegetables, deciding which yoghurt has the most beneficial nutrition, and wading through the crowds takes a while, especially since the tourists have descended on York.  (Walkways and sidewalks are called that because you walk on them, not saunter, not take pictures, not somehow magically make yourselves wider, people!)

I am drifting off to sleep better and waking more easily without the sleep aid.  Like many people, I have insomnia.  I always thought that my doctor was right–some little pharmaceutical nudge must be the best thing.  Well, even though I wake up 3-4 times a night now (though this may be related to the rather extreme heatwave we’ve been having, or “extreme” when it comes to York, I suppose), but I’m not groggy and disfunctional in the morning.  

I am, however, achy.  I’m not seeing results yet, but I have to think that this is worth it.  I read recently that it takes a good solid four weeks to see results in yourself.  I’ve been really examining and controlling my diet (counting calories, too) for about two weeks and recording my exercise for about three.  Let’s hope the next week brings some noticeable results so that the aches will be worth it!

I am stronger than I think.  I can go without that serving of bread or that sprinkle of sugar in my tea.

All of this is making me more confident in my work and in my life in general.  No, I still don’t like big groups or presenting or having my supervisor read and comment on my work.  Some of those things are is part of life.  However, I feel better during the day.  I feel more rested and less foggy, I know that I can look forward to meal times because I make almost everything I eat myself (and chart things like M&S prepared salads on MyFitnessPal, a website that has nutrition lookups for almost every brandname food out there).  I make time to enjoy that food while I catch up on Doctor Who for half an hour at work.

I also make sure to get out of the workroom in enough time to exercise, eat dinner, and get ready for bed.  No more isolating nights until 10pm and feeling drained the next day!  

I know lately I’ve been talking about personal issues rather than intellectual/professional/academic.  However, I think that if I can chronicle my progression in my schedule and health revamp then I can inspire others and during tough times myself.  

These nutrition and exercise changes are helping me to combat stress, and therefore they help me in my work.  More control over my schedule helps me get things done, so I’m grateful that I’ve started it.