You’ve probably deduced from my periodic postings of awesome and inspirational pictures that I love art.  Photography, painting, sculpture, dance, theater, instrumental, film, fashion…  If it’s art (and is pleasing to look at in purpose–no Red Square or bodily fluids, here, guys, or found art, DuChamp), then chances are I’m a fan.  I know that according to philosophers of art I’m suppose to acquiesce to the artist and believe it’s art if it was intended to be art, but I believe that for me to consider it art, I must like to watch/listen/experience it.  That’s what I believed as a kid and what I believe in now.

Anyway, these works of art may not be Botticelli-like in their beauty, but they make me smile.  They are clever and fun, and while writing a dissertation that’s all I’m looking for, really.  No hidden agenda or meaning.  Yes.  Simple works right now, folks.

I found these on imgfave, and you can view all twelve famous deconstructed fairy tales here.

Robin Hood

Works Cited: Note: Not historically accurate, but way cuter!

The Frog Prince

Works Cited: This reminds me of "Fractured Fairy Tales" from "Rocky and Bullwinkle." Not familiar with that? Get thee to YouTube!

Snow White

Works Cited: I'm personally a fan of the deer and the mushroom. Do you think this one gave Snow White that dazed and confused expression?