I’ve seen that there are, indeed, people out there Googling “Hild Bede postgraduate.” Hooray, I’m not alone! Please, speak out and introduce yourselves. I’m fairly clueless right now, so any impressions, anxieties, hopes, and excitement I hope you’ll pass my way in the comments section.

I finally did actually get some kind of information from Hild Bede today. I’m unclear as to whether I should be there on the university-wide postgrad move in day (September 29) or at the HE postgrad move in time (September 18-19). The little information I have is creating more questions. All this, with less than a week to go before liftoff!

Good news, I get a single room. Bad news, not en-suite. Good news, there are postgraduate activities during orientation. Bad news, I’ve seen the other calendar for Ustinov.

I’m sure it will all work out and everything will go fine. It’s just a matter of me staying up really, really late tonight and calling the office. I’m thrilled that I’m finally getting some communication from the college itself. It’s comforting to know they know I exist! Plus, they’re already taking care of switching my enrolment forms, etc, from Ustinov to Hild Bede.

Tonight I’ll be filling out more paperwork and calling the college. I’ll be sure to say how it goes and what my impression of this college is (or, at least as much impression as I can get over the phone!).

Coming soon: pics of my new glasses and my own odyssey to find the perfect, non-breakable pair.