No, I haven’t joined or anything, but I have discovered a wonderful blog concerning all things university, and in particular, all things British university.

The University Blog

I found a link to this blog by clicking my way from The Glamourous Grad Student (see previous post) to one of her posted “Weekend Reads,” and then stumbled upon this post, “10 Great Ways to Push Past Uncertainty.”  TUB has covered the brand spanking new Harry Potter course at Durham as well as getting rid of writer’s block and frustration.  It’s a great place for academics to look for both entertainment and inspiration, and even though I’ve only read about 8 posts, I’m hooked.

I find myself looking for reassurance anywhere I can, and the internet happens to be the best place at the moment because of its worldwide collection of authors and contributors.  The UK Student Room forums are giving me insight into the collegiate lifestyle in Durham and allowing me to get to know some of my fellow MA students online, albeit in a fairly superficial way (which is one terrible drawback of online forums like the UKSR or Yahoo!).

I think even though it is the web (and we can totally trust everything on the ‘net, right?), these little tips written by complete strangers help me to get a grasp on just how lucky I am to be able to fund almost all of my own tuition and accommodation through pure hard work and how normal my doubting and anxiety is.  I need to focus on the positive more than ever; hey, I walked onto one of the largest campuses in America and did a pretty good job, if I say so myself, with commuting, paying rent, and staying on top of full course loads.  I made great connections with professors and peers and jumped into classes I would have presumed to be too over my head a year ago.  (Funnily enough, even though I love history, I really stink at remembering dates and details.  Especially with ancient and medieval history, in which there are so many Philips, caesars, popes, and Edwards, not to mention fairly unpronounceable names, I struggle.  However, I jumped into early medieval history and well my first quarter, proving that my fear of the details is conquerable.)  I should remember this.

I know it’s silly, but at this juncture in my life when everything is so uncertain, these little reminders of potential and the strength of the human spirit and mind help me put everything in perspective.  You won’t find me posting any Hallmarky cards up on my wall anytime soon, but I think we all can use a bit of inspiration now and then.

And hey, if nothing else, this blog makes a darn good read when procrastination sets in…