For the most part, I think I’m a rational individual.  However, that doesn’t stop me from believing in luck.  I have several things I believe are lucky, like my Lord of the Rings One Ring bracelet and my green fleece blanket.  I continue to wear my bracelet each exam day since I got it my freshman year of college.  I’ve done well on exams for the most part, and a little bit of me does attribute it to that bracelet.  My fleece blanket has been with me since freshman year, too.  I needed a blanket, and Target happened to have a lime green fleece that fit the bill.  It wasn’t a purchase because of love, but rather because of necessity.  However, that blanket has been with me the entire way, and that cheap, pilled thing somehow has helped me through everything over the past 5 1/2 years.  It’s been my nap blanket and movie blanket, and it’s the current favorite napping spot for my cat, Sammy.

I know luck isn’t supposed to exist because everything is a product of coincidence and God’s grace (and I’m apparently channeling John Wycliffe’s theory of dominion with that sentence…  Random history note).  However, these things have been there throughout college, and they signify the person I’ve become and the memories I’ve collected.  Summer, outdoor movies, and the joy of friends and being done with classes are all equated with these two items.

It’s been a good run, and somehow these two things help me to remember the good stuff and to follow this path that will allow me to do what I love.  My blanket is, in every aspect, warm and fuzzy.