I watched Chuck this morning as I laid in bed dizzy and sick with an ear/sinus infection, wearing my “geek chic” glasses.

What else am I a geek about?  Well, a quick look at my “About” section should tell you that I’m a classics, medieval, and film nerd.  (I love foreign films and making of documentaries in extended editions.  And yes, I own every edition except the Blu Ray of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and two editions each of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven.)  As was just mentioned, I love The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, historical fiction and dramas, Jane Austen, and school.  My good luck charm is a LOTR silver bracelet (which, unfortunately, appears to not be made anymore, and so I can’t find a picture), I read the last HP installment in 8 hours after going to a midnight release party, and I like comparing the merits of different Jane Austen film/mini series adaptations.

Now, to make the room stop spinning…  Is there a nerd that can do that for me?