I was going from blog to blog a while ago, and someone had a story about bucket lists.  You know, the lists that somehow make a Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman movie and that people make before they die?  Yes, those lists.  I got to thinking about what I would write on mine.  I’ve come up with a few things, but I think instead of calling it another “bucket list,” I’m just going to call it a list I would complete if I had eternity.  I like to focus on the positive.  So, without further ado, here is what I would want to accomplish if I had all the time in the world:

  • Go to a large university and major in everything, especially history, philosophy, art history, psychology, religion, English, linguistics, music
  • Read everything that had been published or was well known up until 1600.
  • Publish a book or an article in a journal.
  • Visit every country in Europe, as well as India, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, South Africa, and Kenya.
  • Travel enough to fill up my passport and get one of those amazing stickered suitcases or trunks.
  • Watch every film on the AFC’s top 100 lists and on the list of Best Picture nominees.
  • Be an extra and historical consultant on a film or mini series.
  • Learn to waltz and salsa.
  • Learn to speak a foreign language.
  • Get married and have children.
  • Own my own house.
  • Take a cross-continental trip using only trains and my own two feet.
  • Buy a total of 10 pieces of art from galleries.  (I have two currently: a painting by Hannah Erickson and a print by Randi Dettling, both Gustavus class of 2009.)
  • Become a professor.
  • Learn how to cook really, really well.
  • Own my own set of china and silverware.
  • Lose weight to become a size 8/10.
  • Conquer my stage fright and have an actual speaking role in a play as an adult.  (I was in a bunch of my elementary school plays.)
  • Go somewhere in opera gloves, high heels, a gown, and diamonds or diamond wannabes.
  • Go to a Broadway show and an opera.
  • Learn a musical instrument.

I think that’s plenty to keep me occupied for the time being.