February 2010

So, I’m sure most, if not all of you, have heard about the Vagina Monologues and V-Day.  There’s a new game in town when it comes to Gustavus news, and the writers call themselves The Campus Majority.  They’ve hit the Vagina Monologues pretty hard recently, and I’ve come to the show’s defense.  I think I’ve done all the commenting I can today, so here’s the link to the opinion piece:  http://campusmajority.blogspot.com/2010/01/v-day-2010-promoting-dignity-of-women.html

Let me know about your thoughts on the Vagina Monologues, and stand up for whatever you feel is right.  Vagina Warriors unite!


This past week, I’ve gotten every single bit of my grad applications in and done!  WOO-HOO!  All the online applications and attachments, my GRE score, my snail mail packets – all finished!  I’m praying for Durham and York to accept me, as well as at least one US school for back up.

Speaking of Durham, I got on the bus yesterday and sat in front of a guy I recognized from my history class.  We talked a bit about our paper assignment, for which I used The Life of St Leoba and he used Bede.  I told him that I have a special place in my heart for Bede, as Durham Cathedral is where he is buried.  Amazingly enough, this guy actually is looking into Durham for grad school, too!  We talked a lot about that and our medieval interests.  He seems really nice.  (And no, I am not thinking “nice” in a romantic way; somehow some of the physical features of my two college exes would up in this guy’s face.  Very strange!  Although, he doesn’t have the social awkwardness and pretentiousness that the both of them can have.)

I dropped that comp lit course, finally.  I didn’t want to, as it’s the course I was the most excited about and is the only lit course (on paper, at least – it’s really an art history/religion class) I was taking this term.  The professor just didn’t seem to have all his ducks in a row, all his marbles, etc.  Pick whatever cliched analogy you want.  He wasn’t responsive and seemed out of it sometimes.  It was like World Religions all over again, on an epic scale.  Plus, I wasn’t learning anything.  That was the sad part.

I’m hopeful I can get into a senior sem on medieval outlaws, Chaucer, and Middle English for next quarter.  All three of those classes sound amazing and would give great background for my postgraduate studies.

It’s Ryan P’s birthday today, so we’re probably going out to dinner.  I don’t know where yet, as he is perhaps the least apt decision-maker I know!  Not that he can’t come to a decision, but it takes a long time.  And that’s saying something, as I’m really bad at it, too, as are Em and Hannah.  We’re all the “Uhh, you choose!” kind of people.  Which I love, I might add.  It makes whatever we do that much more spontaneous and adventurous!

Not much else to tell, really.  My friend Alicia won a grant for research in Greece, and is there now.  She waved at the ruins today and saw her first defixio (curse tablet) today!  I’m so very proud of her and of her husband, Ryan I.  They’ve really gone after their dreams, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

Spring break is coming up in March, I think, and my grandma’s 85th birthday party is that month in Florida.  I would love to be there for my parents and grandmother, but I feel like I don’t belong in the family.  My parents are the most generous, kindhearted parents I could ask for, both towards me and my friends.  They’re sending me to grad school and want the best for me.  I think that they raised me well; I didn’t drink until I was 21, I’ve never done drugs or smoked, I take my faith seriously (though I’m not an avid church-goer except abroad, it seems like) and believe in abstinence before marriage.  I try to be as polite as possible and believe that anyone who’s had an important impact on my life, I should stay on good terms with.  This means my exes, friends from elementary school, teachers, professors, friends, and peers.  Who am I leaving off of this list?  My extended family.  I never had much contact with them growing up, and they all seem so much different from me.  I’ve been insulted and hurt by several of them, whether they meant to or not.  This whole party is being arranged by my other, older cousins, who discussed this over Facebook and didn’t include me at all, which, granted, may have been because I’ve been on the other side of the country.  However, I would have liked to help, especially knowing that I may not be able to go because of school.  I feel like I’m lightyears away from them.  I don’t want to put my dad in a place where he spends however much money for me to go to the state I hate the most (I drew that state by lot for a project in 5th grade and begged someone to trade me and since then have excluded colleges and grad schools in southern California and, yep, Florida) and then feels responsible for me being unhappy the entire time.  I should mention that I dislike Florida for the climate and the allergies, and not because of my family, and have always disliked it.  I’m a mountains person, not a beachy person.  It really stinks that Florida seems to be where my family ends up.

However, I’d skip my spring break and go to Florida for my dad and mom.