Q1:  According to legend the son of Remus founded which Italian city?

A1:  Siena

Q2:  The actor Rainn Wilson’s mother wanted to name him after which ancient Greek historian?

A2:  Thucydides

Q3:  What ancient Roman city was the setting for an episode of the BBC revival series Doctor Who?

A3:  Pompeii (One of my favorite episodes, might I add!)

Q4:  What Roman orator is mentioned in the lyrics of a song from the musical Chicago?

A4:  Cicero (It’s in the song, “Cell Block Tango.”  Go find it on YouTube.  The film version of this is amazing.)

Q5:  Where do we get the word “marathon” from and why?

A5:  After the battle of Marathon in 480 BC, the Athenians (supposedly) sent a runner (by tradition, Pheidippides) back to Athens to announce the great victory. Wordsworth (I believe) started the story of the runner dying upon arrival, with the last words of “Rejoice, We conquer.”

Q6:  Which Roman emperor had a golden house?

A6:  Nero

Q7:  Translate “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus.”  What piece of literature is it from?

A7:  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The phrase translates as “Never tickle a Sleeping Dragon.”

Q8:  What museum houses the most Etruscan artifacts?

A8:  Museo Nazionale Etrusco in Rome

Q9:  Where can you find a relief of the discus thrower (Discobolus) at Gustavus?

A9:  Above the door on the older part of the campus center building.

Q10:  What is the name of Dido’s husband?

A10:  Sychaeus

Q11:  What country did Freiert live in for six years?

A11:  Japan

Q12:  Where did Dugdale have his wedding?

A12:  Rome

Q13:  Where did Sean and Yurie spend their honeymoon?

A13:  New Zealand