Tombstones near St Margaret's Church, Durham, UK

I made some progress today in moving/packing/cleaning.  I sorted out all my stuff from my trip to Europe this summer and my graduation gifts/cards that had accumulated in the living room.  I also was able to take my cat, Sammy, into the vet to get a microchip.  Now, THAT was fun…  She’s not exactly a kitty anyone could love.  She’s a beautiful, fluffy orange tabby, but she is grumpy and has a temper, especially with people she doesn’t know.  And by a “temper,” I mean the vet clinic has an orange sticker on her file saying “WILL BITE!”  The orange isn’t an ordinary orange, either.  I was watching an episode of Desperate Housewives the other day, and Lynette referred to that particular shade as a warning, a signal of danger and trouble ahead.  Yep, that’s the color of my kitty’s sticker.  Anyway, if you’ve never seen a microchip for pets, it’s about the size and shape of a piece of wild rice before it’s cooked.  It’s prepackaged in a large syringe that is inserted under the cat’s or the dog’s skin and basically pops the microchip into the animal.  Oh, and there’s no anesthetic.  Guess what Sammy plus a large syringe minus the pain meds equals?  Let’s just say that literally the fur flew and she rivaled the “Hell Kitty” I’ve seen in a YouTube video (which seems much less funny today because Hell Kitty is also orange…).


That was basically my day.  I went to a new restaurant this evening with my parents (La Baguette Bistro) and had a nice long dinner, which is rare because Dad’s an “order, eat, pay” kind of guy.  I watched Project Runway and was happy to see three women get into the finals.  I talked with my Dad about my trouble figuring out something for a research proposal in my postgraduate applications and have (I think) settled on hospitality, which is prevalent in medieval literature (Sir Gawain, Beowulf, Robin Hood rhymes) and in classical lit (Odyssey especially).  My other potential choice is the ideal woman, but I think hospitality is something I could really run with.  I’m thinking a lot about grad school, as per usual (hence the picture).

To end my day, here’s the BBC’s quote of the day, which I adore: “History is the transformation of tumultuous conquerors into silent footnotes.” — Paul Eldridge

Good night!